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Security Bond for Foreign Workers: Key Updates and Changes in 2024

In today’s dynamic employment landscape, understanding the intricacies of Singapore’s security bond for foreign workers is more crucial than ever. As global markets evolve, so do the regulations governing workforce management, making compliance with these bonds a pivotal aspect of employer responsibilities.  Yuanyii Agency stands at the forefront, renowned for

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Comparing Workplace Injury Laws: How Does Singapore’s Work Injury Compensation Act Stack Up?

Workplace injuries aren’t just statistics; they profoundly impact lives and economies worldwide. Effective laws safeguarding employees are pivotal for ensuring fairness and safety in workplaces globally. Among these crucial legislations is Singapore’s Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), a cornerstone in protecting employees in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses.

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Thorough Guide to the SG Work Pass: Everything You Need to Know

Securing the right SG Work Pass is a crucial step for foreign professionals and employers looking to thrive in Singapore’s dynamic job market. With various types of work passes available, understanding which one suits your needs can be a daunting task. Whether you’re an employer seeking to hire the best

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Minimum salary for Employment Pass will increase from 2025

In a bid to enhance its workforce and maintain its competitive edge, Singapore has announced a significant adjustment to its employment pass policy. Effective from 2025, the salary threshold for new employment pass applicants will be raised to $5,600, marking a strategic shift towards attracting top-tier talent. The move reflects

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MOM Covid-19 Vaccine Requirements

Beginning from 1st March 2024, there are no longer COVID-19 requirements for all pass holders. Prior to 1st March 2024, all work pass holders were required to be fully vaccinated before their work pass can be issured. Currently, vaccination requirements are no longer compulsory for work pass holders. Nevertheless, it

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Enhance Construction Productivity in Singapore with MOM’s CoreTrade and Multi-Skilling Programs

Discover how Singapore’s construction sector can boost efficiency and reduce costs by leveraging MOM’s CoreTrade and Multi-Skilling schemes. This comprehensive guide provides insights into enhancing workforce skills and productivity in construction projects. In Singapore’s construction industry, upskilling workers is key to enhancing productivity and reducing costs. The Ministry of Manpower’s

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