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By 31 March 2023, all employers must buy Primary Care Plan (PCP) for their employees which will cover most of the employee’s primary healthcare needs under a fixed scope of services.

Primary Care Plan (PCP) Scheme

Who is eligible:

A PCP is mandatory for Work Permit holders (excluding MDWs) and S Pass holders who:

Stay in dormitories OR Work in CMP sectors

PCP is optional for Work Permit and S Pass holders who live in the community and work in non-CMP sectors.

Benefits of PCP:

  • Provide quality, accessible and affordable primary care to migrant workers
  • Support proactive public health surveillance to minimize risks of large outbreaks and work disruption
  • Provide peace of mind for both employers and migrant workers

Services included:

  • One statutory medical examination for work pass application or renewal
  • Unlimited acute and chronic consultations
  • One annual basic health screening
  • Telemedicine and medication delivery
  • Scheduled transportation to and from dormitories and MOM medical centers. Prioritized for workers who are reporting sick at MOM medical centers. Excludes routine specialist appointments.
  • Ambulance or special transport services to other medical facilities, if necessary.

Eligible employees can get the services at:

  • 24/7 telemedicine services (FWMOMCare)
  • Medical centers
  • Designated GP clinics in partnership with Anchor Operators


PCP price range from $108 to $138 per worker annually, payable by monthly instalments.

You must buy PCP for eligible employees from Anchor Operators (AOs) based on where your employee stays.

Employees must also pay additional fees:

  • $5 (excluding GST) for medical treatment at each visit to the medical center
  • $2 (excluding GST) for each telemedicine service