Beginning on 1 September 2022, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will raise the qualifying salaries and levies for S Pass holders. This is to improve the quality of S Pass holders to become the top one-third of our local Associate Professionals and Technicians (APT) workforce. S Pass quotas will also be updated from 1 January 2023.

Changes to S Pass qualifying salaries:

Older candidates will require a higher salary to qualify. The change in minimum qualifying salary for S Pass applications and renewals is shown below:

SectorFrom 1 Sep 2022: New ApplicationsFrom 1 Sep 2023: Renewal of S Pass
Financial Services$3,000
Increases with age, up to $4,500 for those in mid-40s.
All (Exclude Financial Services)$3,500
Increases with age, up to $5,500 for those in mid-40s.

Changes to S Pass levy rates:

The S Pass Basic/Tier 1 levy rate will be raised in 3 steps, as shown below:

From 1 Sep 2022From 1 Sep 2023From 1 Sept 2025
Change from $330 to $450Change from $450 to $550Change from $550 to $650

There will be no changes to the levy for Tier 2 S Pass holders, which will remain at $650.

Changes to S Pass quota from 1 Jan 2023:

SectorFrom 1 Jan 2023
– Manufacturing
– Construction
– Marine Shipyard
– Process
Change from 18% to 15% of total workforce
– ServiceNo change