How to stay MOTIVATED during your job search ? 如何在求职中保持动力?

Tips to Stay Motivated When Job Searching

  • TAKE one day at a time
  • SURROUND yourself with positivity
  • SET realistic goals
  • DO at least one thing to find a job each day
  • REWARD yourself for each small step
  • BELIEVE in yourself
  • ACKNOWLEDGE your progress and accept that disappointment is part of the process
  • BE kind to yourself, you are doing your best  
  • 顺其自然
  • 积极面对自己
  • 设定实际的目标
  • 每天至少要一件事以找到工作
  • 奖励你自己的每一小步
  • 相信你自己
  • 确认你的进步並接受失望是过程的一部分
  • 善待自己,你已尽力了