Hire domestic workers to assist you with the household. Be it chores, taking care of children or looking after elderlies. We provide our clients with the perfect candidate suited to their needs and requirements.

Our workers are sourced and professionally trained from four different countries. Their skills and attitude are our main priority when it comes to selecting the most suitable candidate for our clients. To ensure the quality of our workers, we will provide them with additional training along with orientation and briefing in Singapore before we deploy them to their respective homes. We will also be mindful of their physical and mental wellbeing.

Mizoram (India)

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ASPC Procedure


• Understanding Client’s business, culture and job requirements
• Interview key stakeholders or hiring managers
• Define ideal profile of the candidates


• Diversity Sourcing
• Interview shortlisted candidates
• Assess suitability of candidates for the job


• Shortlist submission with resume and feedback
• Facilitate interviews
• Offer advisory & support
• Reference Checking


• Ensure smooth on-boarding of candidate with client
• Contractual advisory
Employment Pass Application Service
• Provide monitoring follow up (client and candidate)
• Guarantees

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