Singapore Citizen

Singapore Citizenship

The shifting decline in the birth and population rate has contributed to the rising pressure of Singapore
economic and social impacts. The government have sought alternative measures to support and sustain
the growing needs of the country. With 15,000 to 25000 Singapore Citizen granted annually to cushion
the shrinking population, most have unlocked their citizenship in Singapore by obtaining a Permanent
Resident. In recent years, the tightening of the immigration framework ensures that Singapore secures
the right people calibre that could potentially complement our community and commit to making
Singapore their home.

Every contributing factor is a crucial aspect to meet the ideal criteria of the immigration authorities. With
our technology, data and knowledge at Kenneth & Co, we are confident to point out prominent
attributes that can benchmark and strengthen your profile

1.Increased career stability

      ● Civil Service Position
      ● Better Career Progression
      ● Access to more Job Opportunities

2. Enhanced children’s Benefits

       ● Heavily Subsidized Public School Fees
       ● Guaranteed Allocation for Subsequent Child
       ● Eligible for Scholarships & Grants

3. Alleviate Retirement & housing benefits

       ● CPF Pension Sum Allocated
       ● Basic Health Insurance provided
       ● No Additional Visa Needed to Travel
       ● Off-set housing loan with grants available
       ● Eligible for additional

Singapore Citizenship Eligibility

Are you eligible to apply for permanent residence?
There are 3 ways to qualify for applying for Singapore Citizen:

Permanent Resident
● 21 years old & above
● PR status of at least 2-6 years prior to application
● Spouse of SC with PR status of at least 2 years
● Minimum marriage duration of 2 years
● Child born outside Singapore with at least 1 SC parent
● Application has to be submitted within 1 year of child’s birth

Additionally, the below factors are also considered during your Singapore Citizen application:

     – Track record of living in Singapore as a PR
     – Social and financial contributions to Singapore
     – Ability to be an asset to Singapore and not a liability

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