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Type of the pre-employment test

Employment Personality Test
The employment personality test is a useful tool for gaining insights into the interaction style, personality traits, and behavioural tendencies of individuals. These tests are designed to determine an applicant’s personality characteristics and if they relate to the personality requirements of successful performance in the defined job.
Skills Assessment Test
Skills assessment tests are most commonly used in the hiring process. Skills assessment tests are used to measure the abilities and skills of both current employees and job applicants. The hiring manager will ask their applicants to take a skills assessment test in order to narrow down their list of candidates who are under qualified for a position. Other than that, some employers also use these tests to identify employees who are ready for promotion or who should be moved to a different role.

Employment Aptitude Test
An aptitude test is a systematic means of testing a job candidate’s abilities to execute a specific task effectively and efficiently. Aptitude tests usually consist of questions that help in evaluating the cognitive, comprehension, critical thinking, logical analysis, and decision-making abilities of candidates.

Integrity Employment Test
Integrity employment test is a type of personality test that assesses a job candidate’s tendency to be responsible, reliable, and honest. This type of personality test can provide insight into the problems an employee may cause before they are hired.

Emotional Intelligence Test
These test is used to measure the job candidate’s ability for handling their interpersonal relationships and emotions. Emotional intelligence test is a fairly specific ability that connects a person’s knowledge processes to his or her emotional processes.

就业个性测试是一个有用的工具,可用于深入了解个人的互动风格,个性特征和行为倾向。 这种测试能测试出求职者的个性特征,以及这些特征是否与空缺职位所需的成功表现的个性要求相关。

技能评估测试是最常用于招聘流程中的测试。技能评估测试用于衡量当前员工和求职者的能力和技能。 招聘经理可要求求职者参加技能评估测试,以缩小其职位不合格候选人名单。 除此之外,一些雇主也利用这些测试来测试员工是否准备升职或者调职。

能力测试是一种系统性的方法,用于测试求职者有效和高效地执行特定任务的能力。 能力测试通常有助于评估候选人认知,理解,批判性思维,逻辑分析和决策能力的问题。

诚信测试是一种人格测试,用于评估求职者是否有责任,可靠和诚实的倾向。 这种类型的个性化测试可以让招聘经理在求职者被雇用之前深入了解他们可能导致的问题。

这些测试用于衡量求职者处理人际关系和情绪的能力。 情感智力测试是一种相当具体的能力,它将个人的知识流程与他 / 她的情感流程联系起来。通过这样的测试, 招聘经理能能更加了解求职者的处理情感的能力是否符合工作要求。